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How to Get the Most Out of Makita Planer Blades

When it comes to working with wood, a reliable and robust planer is one tool that is virtually indispensable. The team at Rite Price Distributors have long favoured the durability of the Makita brand, so we’re showcasing the Makita Power Planer this month in the hope you love it as much as we do. As well as providing the unmatched versatility of a cordless power tool, our tool of choice uses durable Makita planer blades.

Buy right

As you may have guessed, any tool is going to provide a much longer and serviceable life it is correctly used and the Makita Power Planer is no exception. Fortunately, the machine itself is well balanced and just about the right weight to facilitate effortless planning and rebating with all sorts of timbers.

Using the fence and setting up the planer

You are virtually guaranteed to achieve the best finish when you use genuine Makita planer blades. Using and correctly adjusting the guide fence is also essential for a good quality cut and extended life of your Makita planer blades. You should never be in too much of a hurry when planing and always make several shallow cuts rather than try to cut off an entire piece of wood all at once.

Let the tool do the work for you

Once the Makita is correctly set up and your wood is held securely, the Makita planer needs very little effort from the operator to achieve the desired results. Thanks to its cordless design and optimum weight, it can be operated with one hand leaving the other free to hold the material being planed.

Safe operation

As with any power tool you’ll need to adhere to the recommended safety precautions, such as wearing the appropriate protective clothing and securing your workspace so nothing can slip out of your hands, which can lead to injury. 

If you follow these tips and take advantage of the great deals at Rite Price Distributors on the Gold Coast, you are far more likely to get the maximum use out of your Makita planer blades.

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