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Affordable Carpet Cleaning Products In Gold Coast

Welcome to Rite Price Distributors for a complete range of carpet cleaning products in an extremely competitive market price. We understand that spills and slips happen, but it should not ruin your costly carpet.

Whether it’s a fresh stain or old stain dried over time, our quality products can remove all types of stubborn stains that you thought were impossible to clean. If you are thinking of giving a new lease of life to your carpeted room, then our product efficiency is second to none.

Your investment in one of our cleaning products will be a perfect decision for reviving worn out or well-trodden carpets.

What Our Product Can Do For You?

You can expect to get the following benefits when selecting our products:

Power Stain Removing Formula

To help you with the task of an ideal product selection that best suits your requirement, we have gathered the best collection. It not only helps in cleaning stubborn stains but also in carpet upkeep.

With our ranges, your carpet care has become easier than ever before. The powerful stain removing formula in our carpet cleaner removes everyday dirt and stains effectively on first application – giving a newer look to your carpet.

Minimum Wear And Tear

Our excellent range of carpet cleaners will help you with everything from the quick removal of a fresh stain to getting rid of stubborn old stains. Investing in a good quality product from a reputed supplier makes a difference. It minimises wear and tear and keeps your carpet in exceptionally good condition.

Non-Toxic And Bio-Friendly

We also supply bio-friendly, non-toxic carpet cleaners based on natural solvents. They have high biodegradability and a low odour level. It provides an ideal cleaning option in day-care, classrooms, government facilities, nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals where health and safety are of the utmost concern.

Essential Features

  • Highly Effective
  • Economical
  • Removes stains and spots caused by tea, juice, oil, coffee, wine, etc.

Get In Touch To Know More

For more information on our product range, contact us today on (07) 5574 5811 or email on You can also use our contact form to discuss with our experts.

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