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Fibreglass Matting For Sale In Gold Coast

Rite Price Distributors is renowned for providing a wide range of fibreglass matting for sale in Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Our product range includes fibreglass mats, marine coatings, marines, woven rovings, and much more.

Known for their durability, high-performance and efficiency, they are high on demand for various industrial applications.

We have a wealth of experience and expertise in supplying fibreglass matting products that cater to the needs of various types of industrial, marine, automotive, and decorative applications.

Why Choose Rite Price Distributors

With over 35 years of experience in this industry, our team are experts in handling everything – ranging from your specifications to packaging and delivery. Our precise service and individual collaboration with each of our clients irrespective of your business size and budget have established us as one of the most trusted fibreglass matting suppliers in Gold Coast and across.

Some of the specialties that make us stand out from our competitors are:

Premium Quality Products

Each of our products is fabricated using premium quality raw material supplied by the trusted and certified vendors of Australia. We follow various guiding principles and quality control parameters that meet Australian industry standards. It assures the qualitative delivery of products to our clients.

Product Customisation

We provide product customisation solutions based on your specific requirements and budgets. Our ethical business policies, on-time product delivery, and extreme transparency while dealing with our clients make us one of the most favourable choices in the industry.

Affordable Price Range

We are the leading wholesale supplier of an unmatched range of fibreglass matting products at a very competitive price range. At Rite Price Distributors, we sell products directly to the public as well as to the trade. Our products require minimum maintenance and are available in different dimensions to best suit your requirements.

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