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Norton Multi-Air A275 150mm Velcro Discs

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Norton Pro A275 sanding paper is made with the highest standard abrasive manufacturing technology
specially designed for dry sanding operations.
The unique properties of Norton Pro A275 provide a fast, cool cut rate and resists clogging, resulting in
a longer lasting product and an outstanding result compared to other products in the market.
The special No-Fil coating prevents the build-up of dust and premature clogging of the disc.


� New premium, heat-treated high performance Aluminium Oxide grain

� New unique, fibre-reinforced latex paper
� Waterbased No-Fil
� No pigment in No-Fil or bond

� Improved performance
� Flexible & tear resistant
� Improved load resistance
� No risk of colour transfer
Grades Available: P80 to P800
Disc Size: 150mm (6 � )




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