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Spray Guns

For any DIY-er in the know, there are few tools more time-saving, efficient and easy-to-use than a good paint spray gun. With so many options available to would-be painters, there’s a design to suit just about any project. If you find it difficult to find the right model, take note of the following points to help you choose the best spray gun for your needs.

Which product is best for you?

Spray guns are helpful in a variety of circumstances, but the most common uses are found in the automotive world, and when painting a home. While tackling these tasks, there are three types of gun typically reached for by professionals and amateurs alike; airless paint sprayers, HVLP sprayers, and compressed air sprayers. 

Airless Paint Sprayers

This type offers a wise choice for anyone tasked with covering large surface areas. Utilising high pressure to atomise paint, airless paint sprayers produce a fine mist, which results in a quality, smooth finish (note, however, that thicker paints will require a piston pump to spray reliably). Airless options can coat walls in minutes with minimal overspray, though they do tend to struggle when it comes to textured materials. 

High Volume Low Pressure

HVLP, or High Volume Low Pressure, are the go-to guns for painters who are seeking a simple, commonly available solution. Boasting incredible efficiency, HVLP allows more paint to be transferred to the target than other methods, reducing the amount of paint required to complete a project. This unfortunately comes at the cost of speed, and HVLP lags behind its airless counterpart of time outlaid. 

Compressed Air Sprayers

This type of paint spray gun is favoured by professionals for its industrial uses. This style of gun requires a little more knowhow on the part of the operator. However, the greater control over pressure and atomisation means a clean, uniform finish on a variety of materials. Be aware that as they utilise compressed air, they are often louder than other spray painting systems.

Choose Wisely & Ask the Experts

When considering your spray gun purchase, it’s vital to consider the current and future applications of any options have your eye on because a poor choice can end up wasting time and paint products. 

To find out more about the different types of painters, their uses, and the maintenance required to keep them in top condition, contact industry leaders Rite Price Distributors on (07) 5574 5811.

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