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V60 Non-Acetic Silicone Cartridge

V60 Non-Acetic Silicone Cartridge

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Bostik V60 is a high performance architectural grade Glazing silicone. One component, non flowing, Neutral cure, High modulus sealant. It cures by absorption of atmospheric moisture to form a flexible and durable elastomeric sealant.

Bostik V60 is a premium grade neutral cure glazing weatherproofing silicone sealant.
Its superior adhesion to painted and anodised aluminium & glass has made this silicone the market leader in the glass market for the last 15 years. The thixotropic nature of this product ensures that it will not slump in typical construction joints. Excellent U.V Stability Long Life Reliability Bostik V60 has excellent natural ageing stability. It will maintain its elastomeric joint sealant properties permanently, even under harsh conditions and temperature extremes.

Approximately 16 lineal metres per 300ml cartridge based on an average joint size of 6 mm depth and 3 mm width.

Curing Time
Bostik V60 cures by absorbing atmospheric moisture it will cure 2-3mm in the first 24hrs and to a depth of 7mm in 7 days. Depending on the joint design it may take between 14-21days before the silicone joint has fully cured. (Subject to temperature & atmospheric moisture) lower the moisture reduces the curing times. (Bostik has a 2 part structural silicone for faster curing).

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