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Liquid Bond Adhesive Cartridge

Liquid Bond Adhesive Cartridge

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Product Description
Liquid Bond is a high strength contact adhesive that will not slump on vertical surfaces. It can be used either as a one way liquid adhesive, or a two way contact adhesive. It offers adhesion to most common surfaces.

Liquid Bond has excellent adhesion to most common substrates including : Floor and Wall panels. Wood, Plasterboard, and Chipboard. Leather, cardboard etc. Aluminum, Iron, and Steel. Concrete, Cement sheeting, and Masonry also many other common substrates.
Liquid Bond can be applied as either a wet one-way adhesive or a two-way contact adhesive. Either way ensure that both surfaces are clean, dry, and free from grease, oil, dust, or any other contamination. Any loose or flaking paint must be removed and light sanding is recommended.

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