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Bio-Green Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner

Bio-Green Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner

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Is a new generation cleaner and sanitiser with a unique mix of plant based acids and wetting agents boosted with natural eucalyptus oils. "Bio-Green Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner" utilises two naturally derived food acids to attack stains.


Readily Bio-degradable Phosphate free Septic safe - designed to be used in conventional septics, waste water treatment plants and grey water systems Grey water safe - breaks down into nutrients that are safe for the garden (low sodium) User friendly - no poisons, no corrosives, no known allergens Non hazardous, non poison labelling Low VOC (Volatile Organic Carbon) Aromatic eucalyptus oil Cleans withouts fumes Cleans and disinfects Value for money A unique blend of surfactants, solvents and essential oils for optimum results MADE IN AUSTRALIA

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