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Bostik Xtreme 290ml Cartridges

Bostik Xtreme 290ml Cartridges


Xtreme High Tack

is a high performance and high early strength adhesive. Demonstrating impressive initial grab, High Tack will stick just about anything to everything and will not slump in vertical applications. The immediate hold means that in most cases no further mechanical fixing is required of the bond during curing, through the use of screws, nails, clamps or braces. Apply the adhesive, stick A to B, and walk away. Don � � t worry, the first time our chemists showed us, we didn � � t believe it either.

Xtreme Flex

can be considered the all-rounder in the team. It can be used as a general purpose sealant or adhesive with impressive bond strength and flexibility, expanding to a maximum of 400% before breakage. Flex is also water potable, WaterMark approved and UV resistant, making it perfect for applications in contact with drinking water or exposed to the elements. Leaky roof or gutter? Not anymore.

Xtreme ClearFix

is a high performance sealant and adhesive that is, as the name suggests, extremely clear - crystal clear in fact. ClearFix is ideal for glass on glass sealing or bonding applications where in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Just like Xtreme Flex, it is water potable, WaterMark approved and UV resistant, although not recommended for continued UV exposure as the clarity of the product may be affected over time.

Xtreme Fire Seal

is a high performance, fire rated sealant for use in control joints and electrical/plumbing penetrations. Tested in accordance with AS1530.4, Xtreme Fire Seal meets a 4 hour fire retardancy rating across a wide variety of configurations, up to a maximum joint width of 30mm. Used internally or externally, Fire Seal is non-bubbling, so particularly effective for fire rated builds in humid climates where many polyurethane solutions frequently experience issues with bubbling. For the full list of rated configurations, view the installation guide, available on the Xtreme Fire Seal product page at

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