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Matrix Fc Adhesive/Sealant Sausage 720g


A one component, high performance, fast curing non-sag polyurethane adhesive and sealant formulated to provide a flexible and durable seal.

FC exhibits exceptional adhesion capabilities and is suitable for a wide range of industrial and automotive adhesion applications for internal and external uses.
  • Fast tack free time and cure speed
  • Very high bond strength
  • Excellent adhesion and sealing properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Paintable
  • May be used in contact with both sea and fresh water
  • One component, no mixing required
  • Excellent resistance to weathering and aging
  • Exceptional noise vibration and impact dampening characteristics
  • Internal and external application
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Slump resistant
  • Resistant to fungal attack
Recommended Uses
  • Automotive structural adhesive in bus, truck and industrial vehicle assembly.
  • Marine commercial and pleasure craft
  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration industrial and commercial applications
  • Metal working, joining and sealing metal panels storage vessels, heavy shipping container vessels requiring sealing or panel installation
  • General industrial and maintenance.
  • For bonding sheet metal, aluminium, stainless steel, ABS, GRP, injection moulding PU and PVC as well as timber.
  • Mining applications where sealing of cavities (joints) and adhering panels.

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