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Prosil 10 Neutral Curing Cartridge

Prosil 10 Neutral Curing Cartridge

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Product Description
Prosil 10 is a high quality 100% neutral oxime curing silicone adhesive/sealant. For general purpose glazing, industrial, and automotive sealing applications where, excellent adhesion, long term reliability is required. It reacts with atmospheric moisture to produce a form in place silicone rubber seal. Weathering and UV resistance is excellent.

Prosil 10 has excellent adhesion to most common building materials including: glass, aluminum, galvanised steel, concrete, wood, ceramics plastics, and most powder coated surfaces.

Prosil 10 is ideal in applications such as :
General purpose glazing and weather sealing BS 5889 building approved
Roofing, gutters, and rainwater tanks AS4020 Approved
Electrical sealing and insulation
Automotive, caravan, and truck body sealing, and assembly

SKIN TIME @ 20oC & 50% RH 5-10 minutes
CURE TIME 10MM @ 25oC & 50% RH 5-7 days

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