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Revcut Blue 200mm No-Hole Velstick Sanding Discs


The new generation in sanding discs, this is a non-loading filmed backed product for use in automotive, marine and industrial applications to suit all brands of machines. Grits range from 36 to 2000.

Sold individually or box quantity.


For use with portable and industrial sanders or with hand tools - dual action and random orbit sanders. Suitable for sanding of paints, stainless steel, steel, rubber, timber and fibreglass.

This sanding disc is velstick backed with No holes. The highly durable Revcut Blue range cuts fast and creates a uniform finish providing a high performance clog free sanding disc which resists loading.

Features include:

  • Premium heat treated abrasive for a faster cut rate
  • Film backing increases disc strength, resist tearing, conforms easily to work piece and provide a uniform finish.
  • Excellent durability
  • Grit range available P36 to P2000
  • Bonding system provides improved grain adhesion and durability.

Areas of use include the automotive industry and woodworking:

  • Sanding out rust, spots and stone chips
  • Fine sanding of round edges, concave and convex shapes
  • New component sanding
  • Sanding primers and primer fillers
  • Between coat sanding
  • Sanding plastic including polyester, fibreglass reinforced plastic.

Surface preparation for coating application


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