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Ritetack Instant Grab Adhesive 290ml Cartridge

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Product Description:
Ritetack is a high quality instant grip polymer adhesive designed for the building and construction industry. The product is odourless and silicone, solvent, phthalate, PVC and isocyanides free. After application the Ritetack cures with atmospheric moisture.

  • Eliminates the need for unsightly fixings or tiresome clamping & propping
  • Superior initial grab, up to 1000KGS per SQM horizontally
  • Suits most materials including Timber, Metal, Glass, Mirror, Plaster, Stone, ceramic, concrete, PS, PU, PVC & Polystyrene
  • No solvents & no isocyanate, User Friendly!
  • Proven worldwide
  • Paintable & retains elasticity




P.E. cartridges of 290 ml (12 per box)



Application temperature:

+5 / +40

Application rate:

10 g/min


<2 mm


1,57 g/ml

Skin over time: 10-15 min
Curing after 24 hours: 3 mm
UV, weather and water resistant: Yes
Frost resistant till -15 �C during transport: Yes
Shelf life between +5 �C and +25 �C: 12 month
Joint movement capability: � 25%
Temperature resistance after curing: -40 / +100
Shore-A hardness (3s): 55
100% Modulu (MPa (N/mm2): 1,4
Tensile strength (MPa (N/mm2): 2,2
Elongation at break: 335%



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