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Seal-A-Gap Acrylic Sealant Cartridge


Product Description
Seal-A-Gap is a flexible one-part water-based acrylic gap sealant. It can be used both as a sealant or adhesive and has excellent adhesion to Plasterboard, cardboard, wood, concrete sheets etc.

Seal-A-Gap displays excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, timber cardboard, and plasterboard.
It is ideal for sealing interior wall joints and any joint not exposed to weather or pooling of water. It is also suitable for perimeter caulking of windows and doors, and for concrete, and masonry block work. It can also be used as an adhesive for cornices, interior tiles etc.

SKIN TIME @ 25oC & 50% RH 30 minutes
CURE TIME 10MM @ 25oC & 50% RH 2-3 days

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