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Wattyl Stylwood - 50% Gloss

Wattyl Stylwood - 50% Gloss

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Stylwood is an ultra premium quality lacquer, offering the superior finish demanded by furniture and woodwork specialists. Specifically designed to resist the yellowing caused by UV radiation, Stylwood is extremely stable which makes it ideal for protecting woodwork around the home or office, and on cabinets and wall panelling.
Resistance to household spills, including alcohol, moisture and perspiration, also make Stylwood ideal for domestic applications such as wall units, wardrobes, buffet units and coffee tables. Stylwood is characterised by an exceptionally smooth feel that will enhance the quality appeal of your work.
It is available in a number of gloss levels, from 10% matt up to 95% full gloss. It can also be used over woodwork treated with Wattyl � � s extensive range of stains or combined with the Craftsman Dye Stain Fast range to colour and lacquer in one coat. Stylwood may be applied by conventional spray, airassisted airless or HVLP. It may be thinned up to 10% with Industrial Universal Thinner.

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